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20 Best Korean Fantasy Dramas

Written by Syuri K.N.

Let's be honest, many of us have seen a lot of Korean dramas, most of which are either romantic or funny, or sometimes both at the same time. However, it doesn't mean that other drama genres aren't popular.

Korean dramas spanning genres such as horror, psychological, family, and historical have garnered significant attention. Another genre that stands out prominently is fantasy drama.

These captivating tales are centered on themes of magic, supernatural occurrences, imagination, and fiction. For those who have a penchant for fantasy dramas, Bacaterus has some top-notch Korean fantasy drama recommendations for you. Dive in and explore!

1. Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen

This fantasy Korean drama starring Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun received high ratings during its airing period. "Mr. Queen" (2020) was a hit for its funny and romantic story. It tells about a Blue House chef who lives in the present and the future wife of the King of Joseon, whose souls switch places with each other.

It happened as Kim So Yong a.k.a Queen Cheorin throws herself into a lake in the royal area before her wedding day with the king. In a different dimension of time, a chef for the Korean President named Jang Bong Hwan recklessly throws himself into a swimming pool after being chased by several people.

The two miraculously meet in the water and a kiss changes their fate. The chef's spirit is switched; trapped in the body of the king's future wife. Now, Bong Hwan who is a man is trapped in the body of a Joseon woman. Once an innocent person, Kim So Yong has become troublesome.

She's also braver and a better cook. Then, will they be able to return to their respective bodies? Kim So Yong was betrothed to the king; how is their relationship now?

2. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter

Who knew that four grownups in aprons would have such a challenging task? They spend each day tracking down bad spirits who have escaped the afterlife and are now trying to live forever on Earth.

These malevolent spirits inhabit the flesh of humans who have a determined plan to do harm. In order to complete this challenging mission, the four individuals each receive a unique ability.

The group's youngest member, So Mun, possesses super speed, the capacity to perform psychometry at close range, and the ability to detect the presence of malicious spirits. Evil spirits can be captured by a team including Ga Mo Tak, Do Ha Na, and Choo Mae Ok.

3. Tomorrow


Joon Woong never expected that his efforts to save someone from a suicide attempt would put him in a coma and meet the grim reapers.

He was offered a task and promised to wake up in a few months. The task given is quite tough as he has to save desperate people from suicide attempts.

He's not alone, Joon Woong does this with the help of two other death-dealing members of the Risk Management Team. Joon Woong encountered numerous heartbreaking and inspiring tales in the course of his work. What kinds of stories did Joon Woong come across?

4. Missing: The Other Side

Missing The Other Side 2_Kim Wook Punya Anak_

Kim Wook uses his good looks and speaking skills to con people. One day he met a middle-aged man named Jang Pan Seok in a village. Nobody may simply drop in on the town of Duon. Interestingly, the place he arrived in is home to ghosts whose bodies have never been located.

Jang Pan Seok's presence in this village is driven by a heartfelt purpose: to find his long-lost daughter, who vanished years ago. Jang Pan Seok receives some much-needed closure about his daughter's fate during his time in Duon Village.

As the plot develops, unlikely allies Kim Wook and Jang Pan Seok join forces to help the ghosts solve the riddle of their deaths. Together, they set off on a trip that will lead them to the final resting places of each departed soul, allowing them to finally find peace.

5. The Sound of Magic

drama ji chang wook_The Sound of Magic_

In an abandoned amusement park atop a hill resides a mysteriously renowned handsome magician. One day, Yoon Ah Yi, a smart yet insecure student, encounters him. Little did she know, this meeting was orchestrated by the magician named Ri Eul, who specifically invited Ah Yi to witness his magic performance.

Although Ah Yi shows some reluctance at first, Ri Eul keeps showing up to rescue the child from dangerous situations. Slowly but surely, a friendship develops between the two.

Na Il Deung, a handsome and successful student who has feelings for Ah Yi, notices how close the two of them have become. Despite Il Deung's initial feelings of jealousy, he grows fond of Ri Eul over time. They start to open up to one another, and Ah Yi and Il Deung find more self-reliance in their relationship.

6. Again My Life

review again my life_Akhir Perjuangan Hee Woo Kurang Memuaskan_

Hee Woo is a prosecutor who is dedicated to his work. He only wants to do what is right and punish everyone who does wrong. Unfortunately, while investigating the Cho Tae Sub case, Hee Woo died. Surprisingly, a woman dressed in red gave Hee Woo a chance to live a second life.

Hee Woo suddenly existed in the past when his parents were still alive. Knowing the timeline of the accident that killed his parents, he attempted to save them. He did not want his family to be devastated again. In addition to protecting his family, Hee Woo started formulating a plan to counter Cho Tae Sub's tactics. Can Hee Woo do it?

7. Goblin


The popular drama that aired on tvN in 2016 achieved great success in several countries, including Indonesia. "Goblin" is a fantasy and romance-themed drama. The story revolves around Kim Shin, a goblin (a legendary creature originating from South Korea) with supernatural powers.

He is known to be immortal unless the sword embedded in his chest is removed by his destined bride. In modern days, Kim Shin encounters a high school girl named Ji Eun Tak, who possesses the ability to see supernatural beings. Surprisingly, Ji Eun Tak turns out to be the goblin's bride.

Despite their significant age difference—Kim Shin has lived for thousands of years—they develop a deep affection for each other. Various events unfold, including Ji Eun Tak's unique method of summoning Kim Shin by blowing out a candle, and Kim Shin's efforts to persuade the goblin bride to remove the sword.

But Ji Eun Tak is smart and makes a few requests before giving Kim Shin what he wants. In the end, Ji Eun Tak moves in with Kim Shin and his reaper friend Wang Yeo. What must they do now to elicit the Goblin's sword?

8. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

This 2017 SBS drama follows Lee Jong Suk's character, prosecutor Jung Jae Chan. During his travels, journalist Jung Jae Chan encounters Nam Hong Joo, a young woman who lives with her widowed mother Yoon Moon Sun.

It seems that Nam Hong Joo can foresee the future, even the misfortunes of others. Nam Hong Joo's dream was something that Jung Jae Chan actively worked to prevent.

9. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You

"Extraordinary You" (2019) is the next best Korean fantasy drama. Eun Dan Oh, the protagonist of this drama, is a student who discovers that she and her classmates are all fictional creations from a manhwa. Secret is the name of the manhwa universe where she exists.

Dan Oh has heart disease and her condition is getting worse. The girl also finds out that she is only a supporting character who will soon be told to die. Dissatisfied with the plot in the manhwa she lived in, Dan Oh tried to change the story. Unfortunately, Dan Oh's actions made the schoolgirl have to pay something.

10. From Now On, Showtime 

 From Now On, Showtime

Starring Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo, this fantasy Korean drama is a close second. Fantasy, mystery, suspense, and the supernatural all come together in "From Now on, Showtime" (2022) drama. The story follows Cha Cha Woong, the grandson of a prominent shaman who inherited his grandfather's ability of communicating with the dead.

However, Cha Woong has no interest in carrying on his grandfather's work of assisting those who have come into contact with demonic spirits. He chose to utilize his abilities as a magician instead. Cha Woong hired three ghosts to help him trick the audience's eyes. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that an evil spirit was waiting for him.

11. Doom at Your Service

Doom at Your Service

Tak Dong Kyung is a Webtoon editor who has to accept that she won't live much longer because of a cancer called glioblastoma. Dong Kyung only has three months left. At the same time, she discovers that her lover has been married to another woman.

On that particularly unlucky day, Dong Kyung makes an unexpected request upon seeing a shooting star. Feeling exhausted, hopeless, and in her drunken state, Dong Kyung wishes for the world to be destroyed. Her loud screams are heard by Myul Mang, a messenger of the gods associated with destruction.

Dong Kyung's wish happens to be the same day as his birthday, so he must choose one human wish to be granted. Myul Mang agrees to grant Dong Kyung's desire because they are both fed up with their current situations. Will the world truly be destroyed?

12. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch

The drama begins with the tragedy of King Corea's assassination by his half-brother, Lee Lim. The barbaric event was also witnessed by the king's son, Lee Gon. Lee Lim intended to acquire the Manpasikjeok (bamboo flute) that belonged to their ancestors because it could grant its possessor immortality and great power.

After everything, Lee Lim fled to a parallel world while Lee Gon managed to get half of the Manpasikjeok. In the parallel world, Lee Lim found someone who looked like him and killed that person and re-entered the Corea Empire. He used the person's body to trick the people there into believing he was dead.

Lee Gon anointed himself king and officially took the throne. Around this time, Lee Gon stumbled upon a mystery door in a bamboo grove, which turned out to be a portal to an alternate dimension. There, he met Jeong Tae Eul for the first time. How will the narrative of their encounter develop from here?

13. 18 Again

18 Again

Jung Da Jung, a 37-year-old woman, lives a messy home life. Married at young age to Hong Dae Young, they were blessed with two twins, Hong Shi Ah and Hong Shi Woo. Initially, their life was harmonious despite having children early in life with a not-so-good economic situation. However, trials came and divorce was inevitable.

Da Jung and Dae Young's twins, who are now 18 years old, neglected their father. Not only was ignored, Dae Young also had to lose his job. Distressed and downcast, Dae Young wished he could go back in time and fix everything.

Instantly, his body changed. Dae Young returned to the time when he was 18 years old. Will Dae Young be able to fix everything? Or will he take the same route?

14. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

The drama, which is broadcasted on the tvN channel, tells the story of Jang Man Wol, CEO of the Del Luna Hotel located in downtown Seoul. Because of her frequent errors, the woman was unable to leave the hotel for a long time.

Until a young assistant manager from a well-known multi-national hotel company, Goo Chan Sung, was placed and employed in the hotel as a manager. Since then, it has slowly become known that Hotel Del Luna has ghostly hotel customers instead of humans!

15. My Love from the Star

drama korea romantis_My Love From the Star_

This popular drama that aired on SBS in 2013 tells the story of Chun Song Yi, a famous actress who does a lot of silly behavior, K-netz often responds badly because of this. One day, she meets Do Min Joon, an alien who has lived on earth for 400 years since the Joseon Dynasty period.

While on earth, Do Min Joon has faked his identity many times, because of course humans can't live for 400 years. In his life this time, he disguised himself as a lecturer. Besides living in the same apartment, it turns out that Do Min Joon is Chun Song Yi's lecturer.

This fantasy, comedy, and romance-themed drama has total 21 episodes. The narrative is intriguing, and the drama features a number of well-known actors and actresses, including Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.

16. My Roomate is a Gumiho

Shi Woo Yeo is a nine-tailed fox who is 999 years old. In order to become human, he must gather human energy in the form of red beads or balls. Lee Dam, a college student whose friend is currently passed out drunk on Shi Woo Yeo's car, happens to cross paths with him.

Shi Woo Yeo decides to help, but accidentally drops his beads, which are swallowed by Lee Dam. These red balls can only stay in a human body for about a year.

Exceeding the time limit will result in the beads shattering, Lee Dam's death, and Shi Woo Yeo being permanently prevented from reverting to her human form. This situation brings them closer together. Will Shi Woo Yeo be able to become a complete human in the end?

17. Mystic Pop Up Bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar

"Mystic Pop Up Bar" (2021) tells the story of a mysterious Korean tavern called pojangmacha. The owner of the shop is an irritable woman named Weol Ju. Chief Gwi, a famous retired investigator in the afterlife, and Han Kang Bae, a naive young guy (living human), help her run the shop.

Many people's troubles have been magically resolved with the help of this shop. To help their customers, Weol Ju and Chiew Gwi frequently enter their dreams. Without Kang Bae's assistance, completing this work would be challenging for both of them.

There is nothing special about Kang Bae, except for his ability to help visitors to pour out all the problems they have. This allows Weol Ju and Chief Gwi access into their unconscious mind. The goal is to quickly settle 10,000 human problems so that Weol Ju's soul can be at peace.

18. The Legend of the Blue Sea


Next from our recommendation is "The Legend of the Blue Sea". This popular drama tells the story of a two-world love between a human and a mermaid. Before taking an 18-month break to fulfill his military service, Lee Min Ho starred in his final Korean drama.

This drama features a beautiful and innocent mermaid, Shim Chung. She was stranded around the seashore and turned into an ordinary human. The mermaid also lives in human environment. One day, she meets a man named Heo Joon Jae and eventually falls in love. This fantasy drama is filled with funny scenes that make it even more interesting.

19. Tale of The Nine Tailed

Tale of The Nine Tailed

Lee Yeon is a gumiho, a mythical nine-tailed fox and guardian spirit of Mount Baekdudaegan, who has lived for over 1000 years. When Nam Ji Ah was a child, she was attacked by two hungry gumiho, but Lee Yeon came to her rescue. Ji Ah's memories are still solid, even though magic was used to try to make her forget.

After several years, Ji Ah has matured and now directs television horror programs. Nam Ji Ah exhibits a striking resemblance to Ah Eum, the beloved first love of Lee Yeon. Ah Eum sacrificed her life to protect Lee Yeon, leaving a deep scar on the gumiho. But is Ji Ah truly the reincarnation of Ah Eum?

20. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This popular drama tells the story of Cha Dae Woong who escapes from his grandfather's supervision. Unintentionally, he releases a nine-tailed fox better known as a gumiho. The fox appears to have been trapped in an approximately 500-year-old painting for quite some time.

Cha Dae Woong was stunned when he witnessed the appearance of the gumiho in the form of a beautiful woman with nine tails, not realizing what he had just done. Cha Dae Woong was frightened and fled as quickly as possible until he fell down the ravine.

Cha Dae Woong's life was saved by the gumiho, who gave him his most valuable 'bead', which possesses the magical power of a fox. As a way to repay Cha Dae Woong, gumiho asked him to help her become a real person and teach her how to act like a human. After spending days together, they started to like each other more and more.

This is how some fantasy-themed Korean dramas can help you pass the time. If you have any other exciting fantasy Korean dramas, please share them in the comment section.

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